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My name is Cherry Bodey and I’m a mom to two beautiful kids. My husband and I considered ourselves light packers, which prevented us from traveling in an airplane when we had our kids. I was, quite frankly, not up for the challenge. What bothered me was not the extra clothes, diapers, and toys that we needed to bring, but rather the car seat. We had a Britax for both kids and they are quite heavy, so we contented ourselves to out of town road trips using our car. While searching for an airplane car seat, I chanced upon CARES harness. Without any hesitation, I purchased two harnesses. We read the installation instructions at the airport and it took my husband a few minutes to install it. It was so easy, convenient and squashed our worries.

We began with just two CARES harnesses – one for each of our children. Over just a couple of years, we are proud to say that we have serviced the needs of thousands of parents and guardians, charity organizations, and patient advocacy groups for special needs individuals with their safe travel needs.

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