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We have used Rent Cares twice now for our toddler and the ease of shipping and ordering is such a cinch! I highly recommend using this company for your next trip.

Danna Darty

It was so easy to order, use, and send back the CARES belts. I was satisfied with the product and this company. Thank you.

Stephanie piuser
Merced, ca

Cherry of RENTCARES is a life saver for me and my family. I had ordered the wrong size of seat belt for my special needs son and she came through for us, by changing the size of the safety belt before our flight. RENTCARES is a company that truly cares and understands how difficult it can be to fly with young children.

Thank you Cherry for helping to make a difference in our trip.

Rebeca N.
Los Angeles, CA

Rebeca N.
Los Angeles, CA customer reviews

We had a great experience utilizing Rent Cares for our daughter's harness. It arrived on time, was clean, with all necessary parts, and carrying bag. Returning was easy (just a trip to the post office).

On the plane a flight attendant commented "I love those things! I hope you bought it used, they are so expensive!" When we told her we were able to save money by renting she was thrilled and asked the name of the company. Thanks so much!

Susan E.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Renting the CARES harness for my 3 year old was the best thing we have ever done for travel. She was contained safely in her seat, comfortably for 4 different legs of travel. The only hiccup was on the first leg where ai had her all set up and secured in the middle seat, but the flight attendant asked us to move to the window seat. Different carriers have different regulations. I had it set up and ready to go so quickly that she couldn’t get to me before I was done! It was easy to move so it wasn’t a big deal.

Katie McGrath
Manchester CT

Great service! Great communication and delivery. Thanks!!


This is the second time we have used rent cares and I cannot say enough good things about them. The service is amazing and the harness is a lifesaver! I use them for both my autistic son and my toddler and they make flying way less stressful.

Lisa Bradley
La Grange, Illinois

Great product! I used this with my toddler on a 4 hour trip to Orlando. Worked great and came promptly. The harness was clean and ready to use. We don’t fly often so this was a great alternative to purchasing. I would definitely recommend and use again!

Toni B.
Henderson, NV customer reviews

We are so glad we used for our family trip. The small, lightweight harness was a breeze to install and to carry though the airport. We would absolutely rent a harness from you again.

Richmond, Va

Best invention ever! So convenient when traveling with children who require a car seat and very easy to use. Rentcares does a great job with entire process. I have used Rentcares for several years and will continue until grandchildren are able to use standard seatbelt.

Lombard, IL

Item arrived ahead of schedule clean and ready to go. Came i with a blue carrying bag which was great. Worked great on the plane and I felt my daughter was secure flying.

Thanks again for the prompt and clean service.


Excellent customer service! They were willing to change our rental dates when our travel plans changed. We used the CARES harness for our toddler during our flight as she had her own seat. It was easy to install and very compact which worked well in our diaper bag. I’d definitely rent again.

Longmeadow, MA

Best choice ever! This was our first time flying with toddlers. Easy to install and comfortable for the little ones. No need to haul carseats onto the plane. We received the harnesses in plenty of time before our trip and they were clean and in great condition. We will definitely be renting the harnesses again in August.

Melissa Tuason
Simi Valley, CA

These harnesses worked great for our 2 & 4 year old. They were both comfortable and contained which made our plane ride go a lot smoother. We will definitely use these the next time we fly.

Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I wasn’t sure how my special needs daughter would do flying. She had never been in an airplane before. I knew she would just trying to climb out of the lap belt, but that she’s also too big to put her in a car seat. I found Cares Harness and it was the perfect solution for her. It was easy to put on and lightweight to transport. Everything went so smooth.

Lindsey Preston
Lehi, UT

Such a great service! Renting the CARES harnesses was the perfect option for us and our four toddlers. They felt secure and comfortable, even sometimes preferring to sit buckled while sleeping on our (very long) international flights. If we need CARES in the future, we will definitely rent from Rent CARES again.


Best Product Ever. It was recommended by an airline crew last year, and the next time we flew, we decided to give it a try. My daughter, who has muscular dystrophy, had such a difficult time in the past on an airplane, specifically during takeoff and landing. We needed two people to stabilize her. Once we rented this product, we realized how amazing this harness is..... my daughter felt safe, secure and had a much easier flight because of it. Would definitely recommend it and use it again.

pls note, we had to apply to the FAA for an exception due to my child's age, and the website for this product made that process easy as well. No issues.

These worked perfectly for our trip! We were traveling with our 2yr and 4yr old, but didn't need car seats at our destination so we didn't want to lug them around the airport just for the plane. We also don't travel by plane often so we didn't want to pay the full price for 2 CARES harnesses that we might not even use again. These were easy to travel with, easy to set up, the price was right, and we had zero issues with the airline allowing us to use them or the people sitting behind us minding that they had the strap under their tray table. Most importantly they kept both our kids comfortably and safely in their seats while other parents struggled with chasing escaping kids throughout the flights. Thank you for making this so easy and affordable Rent CARES!

Clare Collins

I was hesitant to invest in a CARES harness because they were so expensive, and because we do not fly very often. Renting was such a good option. It was an excellent price, arrived on time and was very clean. It was easy to use and helped a lot in securing my two year old in his seat. The peace of mind was worth the small investment, and I'm happy to have saved money.


LOVE Rent cares! I have been using them for several years (as soon as my triplets were big enough to use them)! They are a life saver! I have always gotten them on time and in great shape! Highly recommend the company!!!

Amanda Coldwell
Jupiter FL

So easy for international travel - we didn’t have to lug 2 car seats for a week but the kids flew safely (and confined to their airplane seats!) thanks for having this service! So easy!

Annapolis, MD customer reviews

I relocate seniors cross country and was told I needed a harness to secure a disabled woman in the airplane seat with poor trunk strength. I was glad to be able to rent rather than buy your product. My client was happy with the savings. Process was smooth and easy, product was fine. Thanks much!

The CARES harness made flying much less stressful! I was so worried about my very energetic three-year-old being able to quickly unbuckle himself from the plane's buckle, but the CARES harness made him feel like he was in a regular car seat, which he knows never to unbuckle. It was super quick to "install" and remove when the flight was over.

I found out about the CARES harness shortly before my trip but I was still able to get it on time. And the return process was super simple!

Kelly B
Easthampton, MA

Stop wondering if you should, and just book it. Seriously, this was so easy to arrange, it arrived on time, was a millions times easier to put on the airline chair compared to our carseat and was crazy cost effective. So glad I found Rentcares!

Melissa White
Sandy customer reviews

I rented a cares for my 2 year old son. We were traveling from MT to NV to visit family. It worked wonderfully, really easy to install and very compact when stored in my carry on! When we travel again I will definitely rent again!! My cares package came about 4 days before my departure date.

Ashley Witt Lau
Kalispell, MT

We've used RentCARES two times for our 3 year-old daughter. Both times the process has been easy and I've felt so much more at ease knowing that she is safe on the plane. Other passengers have been jealous of our harness! Thank you!

Madison Ediger
Overland Park, Kansas

These were a lifesaver for flying our 2 year old triplets across 3 states to our new home! We only needed them for this one trip, so it wasn't practical to purchase 3 $75 harnesses for 1 trip (there's no way we were carting 3 carseats onto the plane!) We got stuck in traffic and almost missed our flight. No way would we have had time for carseats. And the plane ride went SO well. They even gave us the return envelope to send them back. So thankful for this service!

Clayton, NC

This eased my concern about flying with my grandson to HI. Harness arrived in ample time for the trip. Set up took seconds and affected no other passengers boarding on two busy flights. Worked well during takeoff and landing. Easy to remove and pack as well.

The value of peace of mind and safety outweigh the cost of renting this!

Tyrone Void

Used rentcares twice so far and I intend to continue using this company. Easy rental and return process. Harness is super easy to install and works breat, feel a lot safer when flying. Will definitely recommend them to family and friends!

Winnetka, Ca

We rented 2 harnesses for our sons, age 2 and 4, for our first long-haul international trip to Asia. The harnesses arrived quickly, we were able to install them easily on the plane, and it kept our kids safely buckled in at take-off and landing and during the times they weren't sleeping. The return instructions were detailed and the process was straightforward. We also appreciated the very fair price. We'll be renting again for Christmas in a few weeks. Thank you!

Michael O'Brien
Woodland customer reviews

Great product, fast and easy service, easy to use and worked great during my trip. Best of all it saved me money from having to purchase the seat on my own. Thank you CARES

Petersburg, VA

We had a positive experience with the rental process and the actual harness itself. We will definitely be renting it for our next trip.
It’s affordable, easy and totally worth not having to lug the car seat all over the airport! Our toddler traveled comfortably with it and the installation took less than a minute. I do recommend watching a quick YouTube video on how to install so you come prepared and know what to do 🙂

Lucy Rosales
Studio City

This was our first time using the Cares harness and I plan on renting again in the future. We used this for our 3 year old for a 5 hour flight. It helped keep him in his seat! I appreciate the safety aspect, but the fact that he was more willing to stay seated since it felt like his car seat harness was a complete win. It’s quick and easy to install, the people sitting behind us on both legs of our flight gave me the a look like I was one of those “extra” moms. I think one lady even said “I had three kids and we never used anything like that” haha. People could have said anything and i wouldn’t care- it was completely worth it. If you have an active toddler, I would highly recommend renting this for long flights. It made a world of difference for us- we do the 5 hour flight three times per year. Looking forward to renting again, this company made it easy! Thank you.


We rented 2 cares harnesses. I can’t say how they are, since we never opened them. My boys did amazing on the flight from Virginia to Hawaii. The service from Rentcares was amazing. I was worried about them getting them back and they sent me an email confirming receiving them back. The price is awesome and I didn’t have to pay return shipping since the package was never opened. All in all was an awesome experience.

Kristin McCormick
Honolulu, Hawaii

My children are 4 and small, and do not have age appropriate core Strength. We usually travel with car seats, but did not need them once at our destination so we gave his a try. Super easy to install, and the kids were safe and comfortable!

Port chester Ny

RentCARES made it so easy for our child's first cross-country flight -- it made it easy and comfortable for him since he didn't have to be strapped into his car seat for the whole flight, and it made it easier for us since we didn't have to maneuver a bulky car seat around an airplane. Plus, the added space in the small airline seats is invaluable for playing mid-flight, preparing bottles, or whatever other space-intensive activities could occur.

Shipping was scheduled perfectly, and so so easy!

Michael T.
Seattle, WA

I had a very pleasant experience with Rentcares. I ordered my rental on their website a few months before our trip. System arrived on time. I didn’t have to call and remind them which was very nice as I had to pack for my twins and my husband. Care system was new and very clean and has very clear instruction on how to return. Overall, I will recommend this company to my family and friends. I will certainly use them again.

Bernadette Tordilla
Los Angeles,CA

My family has never flown before and our car seats are big and bulky. The harness was a lifesaver from lugging those car seats all thru the airport. It was difficult enough with a four yr old and 2yr old! So glad that we could rent the harness and save $$. Would definitely rent again and recommend to others!!

Bethel, Ohio

We couldn't have been happier with our experience with the Cares harness. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end. I would use this service again in a heartbeat.

Kevin Schwab
Erlanger, KY

We were very pleased with the harness, customer service and prompt delivery. It kept my 2yr old nice and secured , she even fell asleep with it!

Ina hosszu

Super pleased with the Cares Harness. Kept my 4 year old secure in the airplane seat, and he loved helping to buckle himself up. Was quite surprised and pleasantly amused to look over at him and see him passed out asleep.

Steven J Ferguson
Las Vegas customer reviews

I was so happy I found this company, it saved me from having to bring a carseat for my 2 year old daughter. It was small, convenient and she loved it. Price was great as well.

Sarah Robinson

I was pleased with the quality and cleanliness of the product. It was super easy to install and kept my little guy secure (and allowed him to nap) during our flight. It arrived promptly and was easy to return.


This was the first flight for my 4 year old twin boys and I really wanted them to have a similar feeling of being in a carseat as they are such good travelers! The CARES harness was not only peace of mind for me on the plane, but it made them feel safe and secure as well. It was a genuine pleasure to be able to rent these rather than buy them. They came right on time and were so easy to use!


We had a fabulous experience with this company!! The harnesses came promptly and packaged nicely. It was SO nice not needing to lug our car seats through the airport - just checked them at the curb and I still knew our babies would be secure.... BUT I didn’t realize HOW NECESSARY this would be on our trip!

On our flight home our plane experienced MAJOR turbulence- nothing I’d EVER experienced... it lasted over 60 seconds and several passengers and crew were injured. We had to land the plane early so that people could be removed on stretchers! It was insane! A mother with a lap baby near me literally had to catch her baby mid air near the ceiling because the plane dropped SO drastically and so quickly. People were screaming and panicking, a woman who wasn’t wearing her seatbelt crashed into the ceiling so hard her head busted a hole in the plastic ceiling above her seat.
Thankfully my babies were completely safe and experienced no injury because of the Cares harnesses! I don’t believe this would have been the case if they were just wearing their regular lap belt or worse, in my arms.

THANK YOU for making this product more affordable by making it available for rent!! And thank you for your fabulous customer service!

Jupiter, Fl

It was my daughter's first airplane flight and she is 2 years old. I felt so comfortable with the harness and it was a great piece of Mind knowing she was more secure. It was easy to use and would highly recommend definitely going to use it on our next trip!

April Sakamoto
Lake Elsinore

I couldn’t believe that you could rent these harnesses instead of buying them (which were totally out of question). It gave me piece of mind. Arrived well before travel time. Fairly easy to install.

My 3 year old didn’t mind it but my 1.5 year old could escape from it by sliding under the belt. Not the harness’ fault per se. She hates being buckled.

I thought they would help my kids stay asleep by keeping their heads upright but it didn’t work out and made them a bit uncomfortable.
We still used them both ways (10 hour flights) and returned them easily.

Thank you.

Lea Boston
Tacoma, wa

A friend recommended the CARES Harness for our trip to Disney. I really didn't want to spend the money as I have twins and they may use them only a couple of times, then I found this! I borrowed one from the friend who recommended the product and rented the other. The timing of the delivery was perfect and returning was very easy. What I liked most about the harness was that it basically made the kids feel like they were in their car seats and made them aware that they were going to be sitting the whole time. Last time we flew without the harness, they were trying to get up and very squirmy and I was more worried about the people around us than anything else. This solved that issue. We are flying again in April, and I will definitely use the harness again.

Renee C.
Wilbraham, MA

This was the second time that I have rented the cares harness from They are wonderful. The harnesses always arrive cleaned and in great condition. They arrive in we’ll in advance before your trip. I will rent from them again!

Michelle Chagnard
Slidell, La customer reviews

We were excited to see the FAA approved these harnesses instead of dragging a huge car seat with us for our trip to Florida. It was super easy to use and so convienant compared to a car seat. So grateful I was able to rent instead of having to buy. I will definitely use again on future trips.

Jennifer King
Aurora, co customer reviews

Fabulous experience and product. My order was overlooked yet sent priority once I emailed asking for the arrival time. The customer service was professional yet personal. As a small business owner I understand that things will happen. I recommended the buckle to a family on our flight. They were very excited about it. This was my 3yr old sons 1st flying experience all be it long (4hrs each way)he was great and secure.

Tina LaRue Carne
McDonough, Ga

I considered buying one of these harnesses before I found this website. I was so happy to come across RentCARES and find I was able to rent one instead of having to purchase one. We don't travel often enough to necessitate purchasing one so I was very glad I was able to easily rent one.

The harness arrived on time and was clean and exactly what I was expecting. Returning the harness through the mail was just as easy!

Dayton, Ohio

Great service, delivered on time, easy to use, and easy to return. Used for my grandson who is 2 and he HATED IT. I ended up with him on my lap both trips even though I paid for a seat lol. Although it didnt work out for me, I'd definitely recommend if you have a cooperative child.


We rented the CARES Harness for our almost three year old. We were traveling from FL to WI to visit family. The harness was amazing! We didn't need to bring a car seat because my sister had one we could use while we were there. It was no nice not to have to haul a seat on the plane or through the airport. The harness kept him from crawling all over me during the flight which was great. It was super easy to use and well worth it.

Christina Diaz
Seffner, FL customer reviews

I just posted a Testimonial and photo of one of my grandsons in his Care harness !
Here is my other grandson happy in his harness too;)

Jill Dineen
Elk Grove Village Illinois customer reviews

This is the second time we have used the rent cares airline harnesses. We had a connecting flight on our way down to vacation as well as on the way back and knew that the Care harness would be invaluable. My grandsons feel safe and secure in the harnesses and do not feel restricted . it’s as if they were riding in the car as they are always buckled into the car seats there too!
Our experience with the rent cares harness has been wonderful! They arrive prior to the time we’re leaving and it is easy to return after the trip.
I’d recommend it to anyone who is traveling with a child. As a matter of fact , one of my daughters friends rented one for her son on our suggestion and she wrote back it was the very best way to travel !
Don’t go anywhere without them if you’re traveling with a child!

Jill Dineen
Elk Grove Village , Il

I am very pleased with the quick delivery of the Cares safety belts. They came in plenty of time for our flight. Returning the belts was very simple, thanks to the return envelope being included in our package. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to use them because our kids became ill and we had to drive to our destination instead, but I will definitely order them again for our next flight.

Rebecca N.
Los Angeles, CA customer reviews

Flew to Kansas with my two toddlers, their first flight! They did superb, and the harness was spectacular in making me feel at better ease.

Alexandra Valiquette
San Juan Bautista, California customer reviews

We do not fly very often so I didn’t want to purchase a cares. I was also flying with very energetic 2.5 year old by myself. Lugging his giant car seat with our luggage and carry ons was not an option. I wanted him to stay put in his airplane seat too! Renting a CARES harness was so easy and affordable. Our trip was great! CARES kept him safe and secure and kept Mommy’s sanity!

Happy Jack

The flying restraint for toddler was great! It was an easy rental process and easy to set up and comfortable for toddler. Our family has a pilot in it and child restraint safety is important to us. Side note as well, our travel plans changed last minute and Rent Cares was so easy to communicate with to change our rental dates. Will use this company in future!

Indianapolis, IN customer reviews

My 3 year old son fit into the harness great. I loved that it keep him in his seat instead of on me. He felt very old doing the buckles himself. He was able to undo the lap belt himself and get up when he wanted as the lap belt is the airplane’s belt.
To install it I nicely talked to the person behind his seat and explained what I was doing and that I would need to open their tray table to get the strap in place but once in place it would not obstruct her/ his tray table.
I booked the cares harness in advance and it was mailed to me a few days in advance when I had totally for got about it in the rush of packing. I would highly recommend this for toddlers instead of hauling your expensive car seat around to possibly get damaged.


We searched for a harness/straps that would be compliant to Airline regulations and came upon Rentcares. They came a few days before our trip in a little bag. Upon using them the straps were easy to use, thankfully they worked below the tray table for the people behind us. My daughter was not a fan of being stuck (she is 2.5) but I had a sense of relief knowing our daughter was secure and safe.

Bonnie S Overton
ROME customer reviews

Awesome service..why pay $80 for a seatbelt your probably only gonna use maybe 1-2 timeswhen you can rent one for $14 . My son is at the age where he’ needs a car seat and almost able to sit alone without a harness. The seatbelt arrived 2 days before we departed, it was easy to put on and take off. And when I got home I got an email to return the seatbelt. Went to the post office , dropped it off and I was done! Best and smoothest rental process I’ve ever done.

Joe L

This product was awesome! Easy to use , comfortable for my grandson on our flight, easy to store with the bag given! Company was very receptive to questions responded in a reasonable amount of time. I will definitely use them again!!! Thank you!

Pattie Meyh
Egg harbor city nj

We needed this for our three year old son on a flight to Florida.... Very easy to set up, takes seconds.... We had no problem with this at all! Would use again!

Orange County, Ca

We decided to go on a last minute trip and knew we did not want to pay full price for the harness but still wanted a safe was for my son to travel. The ability to rent the harness was easy and affordable. My son wasn't a big fan of it (almost 3), but it eased our minds with him in it. It was very easy to use. The shipping date was accurate and we received great customer service. I would recommend this service.

Brittany S.
Pequannock, NJ

I was struggling with the idea of having to lug my 2 1/2 year old son's 30 lb car seat through the airport, yet equally struggling with the idea of him sitting in the airplane seat with nothing. I discovered the CARES harness online, and was thrilled, until I realized its cost, and that my child would likely outgrow it before another flight. Then I found RentCARES. This was exactly what I needed. My son hated it, mostly because he just wanted to snuggle up on me, but it made me feel more comfortable, especially during a few turbulent moments. The process was easy and flawless. I'll definitely be telling my friends.

Rebecca S
Tampa, FL

I have used twice. Each time I rented 2 harnesses for my sons. Both times the harnesses came with plenty of time to spare. They were always in like new condition. Sending them back was really easy. I highly recommend!

This is our second time renting harnesses from We rented two this time for our 2 year old and 4 year old boys. The harnesses arrived clean and with plenty of time before our trip to Florida. We flew Delta airlines (757) and had no issues getting the harnesses to fit. One flight attendant on our outbound flight questioned whether or not they were FAA approved. Fortunately there is a tag right on the harness that indicates that is approved by the FAA for aircraft use. Either that flight attendant was very new, or people don't use these harnesses often. She was also concerned that it would impede the tray table functionality of the seat behind, but it did not at all. We received no questioning on the way back, fortunately. I like the piece of mind of knowing that my little boys are buckled in should we encounter any turbulence. My suggestion is take advantage of the gate agent's announcement of family boarding and get on the aircraft as soon as you can so you have extra time to secure the harnesses and get your kids buckled in. We'll be renting a harness again the next time we fly! Thanks.

Minneapolis, MN

Everything worked perfectly as described. Check the car seats for nothing, and strap 'em in with these. No slouching, nap-friendly flight. Thanks.

Charles Anderson
Richmond, VA

Rented 2 harnesses for my twin sons (just over 2 years old). The harnesses were sent in plenty of time before our trip. They were easy to setup on the flight on Spirit Airlines going to our location but did not fit the seats at all on our trip home - used the tightest setting for back of chair and it was useless, their seats on that aircraft (new) we're too small for this device. So... I had to remove them and use only the seatbelt which was also too big for our children... Really had no safety element at that point for the 2.5 hours other than my arms across them. Easy process but not sure I'd use again in fear of the situation on our trip home.

Lindsey Mickler
Medina, OH

The Cares harness worked great for my two year old son when we flew to Orlando. I would definitely recommend it to any parents of small children. And the company was easy to work with, it arrived with time to spare and it was clean and easy to install. Thanks!

Megan Evans
Statesville, NC

I was flying with my 2 children, 2 & 4, for the first time. I made the right choice renting a Cares Harness. I only rented one because my son was too tall. However, my daughter absolutely loved it. She slept through the take off when we went to Florida and slept through the landing when we returned home! It was well worth the money to rent this. I believe it made her feel more secure as she is used to being in the car seat. It also kept me sane because it kept her seated. I highly, highly recommend renting the Cares harness. Thank you for making it easy and affordable!

Amy P.
Woolwich Township, NJ

I rented the CARES harness for my 3 year old son and it was perfect! The harness arrived days in advance before our trip. It arrived clean and in good shape! When I returned I sent it back. It was easy to rent and the company was very reliable! Will rent again in the future. Thank you!

Michelle Chagnard
Slidell, la

My daughter wanted to buy this harness for my granddaughter, but this was a one and done trip. They are expensive for just a single use, so this was the perfect alternative! It was sent to our home 4 days before we left and we were given a week to return it after our arrival. We used the same envelope it came in and the per-addressed return label. Only one trip to the post office took care of it all. It gave my daughter the peace of mind she needed, and kept my granddaughter secure in her seat. Very pleased with this service!

Marybeth Curry
Grayslake, Il 60030

Thank you so much! These safety harness were complete lifesavers. I flew Roundtrip from Baltimore to California (1 connection Salt Lake/Atl) with my sons ages 1.5 and 3. I just couldn’t imagine myself traveling alone with two small kids and lugging around car seats. The customer service rep who helped me was so understanding esp since I was requested the harness a couple days before my trip. Thank you for providing an invaluable service! I will definitely use it again.

Amanda Lulu
Baltimore, Maryland customer reviews

RentCARES was great for my 4 year old son's 1st flight! The harness was easy to use. The people who sat behind us were great about opening their tray to slide the harness over the seat. No one we encountered had seen the CARES harness before and they all thought it was a great idea for flying with little ones. I had researched them online and the purchase price was very high for what would have been a one time use item for us. I was so thankful when I found the website to be able to rent CARES. The process was easy and their communication was great. The harness arrived in plenty of time and RentCARES included a handy card with clear and easy to follow return instructions. They also allowed a week ( plenty of time) to return. I would highly recommend this service to anyone flying with little kids!

Amanda Aberle
Galesburg, IL customer reviews

I had a great experience renting the CARES harness. It was easy to rent online, it arrived on time, in good condition, complete information on how to use and return and very affordable. During our flight, It was easy to install and reinstall, my kid was comfortable and it gave us a sense of security.

Juliet P
Portland, OR customer reviews

I was nervous flying with my very active 2 year old, but the CARES harness helped him feel like he was in a carseat, and he did great the whole flight! It was easy to rent, and return!

Alexandria, KY customer reviews

My 3 yr old loved the CARES harness and I loved that it was so easy to use and small to pack up! The company is friendly to work with and helped so much with any questions I had! All around awesome product and people! Thank you!!


So glad I found rent cares!! The price of these things to buy is pretty expensive & since it was the first time we had flown with both of our kids (4 & 2) i couldn’t justify spending that much for 1 flight. Especially without trying it before hand. These were ordered, shipped easily & arrived shortly before our trip. They were easy to use & kept the kiddos in their seats without issue. The harness being so similar to their car seats I think helped them realize they couldn’t just get up & move. It was a great deal & experience so I would totally recommend for those who don’t air travel that much.

Tomball, TX

We rented two safety harnesses for our two babies, ages 3 and a small 5. They gave us piece of mind for our long flight from California to Hawaii and encouraged them to stay in their seats without questions asked. Absolutely great!

San Fernando

This product was the best thing ever invented. Easy to put on and adjust, my toddler stayed sitting the whole time. Making this product available to rent is awesome. I ordered a harness a week before we flew and it came in the next few days, great company.



The C.A.R.E.S. system came in plenty of time for our first flight with my 3yo son. The system was easy to use. The only thing that we didn't really like was how close the hard clasps were to his head, especially when he fell asleep on the plane. But we used standard shoulder harness pads to cushion these. and it worked great.


This was the first time my daughter in law was flying with my granddaughter and the harness was great, thanks again for such a fantastic service.

Bloomingdale, NJ

This was a great service. It was easy to place the order online. I had a clarification and they responded to my phone call on the first try. They sent the harnesses promptly and provided packaging to send the harnesses back. I highly recommend it!

Boston, MA

Using this service was the best decision we could have made.

Flying with two young children is never easy but this made it a breeze on the plane. The kids are used to traveling in a car seat with a harness and with this harness it made plane travel just like any other travel for them.

And, unless you travel often, buying one just does not make sense. We traveled for over 20 days and the rent on two was the equivalent ( if not less) than it would have been to purchase just one and only use a few times before they out grew it.

It arrived in plenty of time for our trip, and with the included envelope it was very easy to return.

I would HIGHLY recommend!!

Port Orchard, WA customer reviews

This was such a great service. Being my son's first flight and flying just him and I. We had a layover and I didn't want to have to worry about his car seat, or buying one of these for just this trip because we don't fly very often.

After the first leg of our trip my son was helping strap himself in and he was a pro!

I am not sure how this trip would have gone without this, but I am so glad I didn't have to find out.

You all made it so easy to rent, and ship to and from my area. I would use this again the next time we fly in a Heat Beat!!!!!!

Morgan H
Spokane, WA

I rented the cares harness for my granddaughter who was traveling from California to Texas and had to change planes on the way and again on her return trip, she was traveling with her 2year old and was very pleased with the harness. My granddaughter had it in her purse since it is small and installing was very easy and quick. We will definitely recant again for future trips.

Dena Gray
Waterford California

These harnesses worked wonders for my toddlers, ages 2 & 5. With having the duration of 2 long flights (6 hours each) it led my youngest to believe that he was in his car seat with the harness replicating his one... so he didn't complain the whole time! He sat down like we were riding in a car. Made me stress free and worry free!!! The harness is adjustable so it helped with them being inclined and then when they fell asleep. We could tighten or loosen the straps without having to unbuckle them. Onlookers with toddlers were quickly amazed at the safety features of this... I definitely will recommend and will continue to rent from Rentcares for their safety harness on future flights. It's a very reliable safety harness and reliable company that follows thru! +++++

Honolulu, Hawaii

Renting a harness from was a great decision for us! It arrived in plenty of time, was easy to pack and use, and we simply mailed it back upon our return. Thank you for making this service available!

Lori Dougherty
Kutztown, PA

After taking flights where we carted our large car seat through the airport for our 2 year old it was such a relief to be able to check it and more easily navigate the airport. Since it is the same style as a car seat harness I think it helped encourage her to stay put in her seat during the flight. Using the harness was very easy and I think I caught envious looks from other parents on the flight!

Boston, MA

It was easy to rent this harness. It arrived well before our scheduled departure day so I was able to familiarize myself with it. It was clean and came with a handy dandy carrying case. Using the harness was easy. The directions for returning the harness were clear. Will rent again if have to fly with my littles again!

Columbus, OH

I flew with my 1.5 year old twins by myself for thanksgiving, because obviously I’m insane. The flight was about 2 hours and we used the cares harness for takeoff, landing and to keep my little boy still after he took a header onto the floor while bouncing in his seat. They arrived just in time and were clean, easy to install and return. My only complaint is that my son could still do a bit of wriggling in the harness and got a little tangled somehow, but I understand that these are more of a safety device than a straight jacket (which is what I would need to keep the boy still) so NBD. I’m never flying with them alone again but if I was going to I’d rent these again for sure.

Shelton, wa

This was the second time we used the harnesses. Arrived the week before, easy to install (read instructions beforehand!), and easy to return (note there is a return shipping cost). Return USPS envelope included - couldn't be more simple.

Would highly recommend this product when traveling with small children.

Lombard IL

Thank you for this awesome service. The harness was super easy to install. My cousin is a commercial pilot and always talks about the most critical part of the flight being take off and landings. Being able to have this harness on my 2 yr olds first trip gave me a lot of relief that she was protected if anything went wrong. I'm glad you have this service of renting the harness.....

Ariana D
Marion, NY customer reviews

This was my 2 year olds first time flying and my husband and I were not looking forward to dragging around a car seat. That's when I did some research and found the CARES rental service. It is fantastic! The harness arrived in plenty of time for our trip. Use of the harness is pretty basic and easy. And returning the harness was a breeze. I'm so glad I found this service and will definitely be using again if we take another trip that requires flying.

Thank you rentCARES!

Marion, IN

Overall this is a good program. We had to travel for a family event and it was not worth buying a CARES Harness for a one-time usage.

The unit arrived in plenty of time and was fairly easy to use.

**No instructions for use were included in the package and no information about return shipping is provided. Plan on using Youtube to figure out how to use the harness. It is not hard, once you have see it done.**

You have to ship the unit back yourself and you are expected to just figure that out on your own. Even with the extra expense of return shipping it is still worth it, However it would have been nice if they had explained the shipping, or anything really, when you order.

Columbia SC

CARES rentals has great customer service! We saved a lot of money by being able to rent. The CARES rental arrived promptly a few days before we were scheduled to leave for our trip. The rental was clean and in great condition. Thank you for your service!


To be able to rent these harnesses and not worry about carseats on an airplane is amazing. They arrive in plenty of time for the trip and printing return labels is very easy. It is a great product that can be installed within a minute that makes traveling with 2 small children by myself a breeze. I recommend this rental system to anyone that I know who is traveling with children.
Some flight attendants may not be familiar with the CARES harness so they may question you about it. I have only had one issue but I politely held my ground and showed them the FAA approval on the harness. Case closed-they have to let you use it.
I have rented the harnesses twice and will continue to do so in the future until my children out grown them. I don't travel that frequently to merit purchasing my own so thank you for offering such a great and convenient service!

Raleigh, NC

First, I want to say that using this service, from ordering to return of the harnesses was just seamless & a great decision for us. I ordered my harnesses, I made an error at checkout wherein Cherry responded very quickly to my email and resolved the issue with great ease. No fuss!
The harnesses arrived insufficient time for our trip but then I knew they were coming from their timely email with tracking info. They were very easy to use and made the trip so much easier than traveling with actual car seats (I had car seats waiting at our destination). The girls were secure in the harness during flight and felt like big kids making the flight fun for them. Upon return, I just placed the harnesses in the available envelope and mailed it back with insurance recommended via our post office. I will definitely recommend to my friends traveling with toddlers.

Sonia Saporito Alford
Easton Pa

I was very pleased with the ease-of-use with the harness. I will suggest this service to anyone who will be flying with a child that does not meet the FAA guidlines on height & weight.

Daniel De León
Beaver, PA

Thank you for your fantastic service! The harness arrived early enough that I could check it off my list without worrying at the last minute. After so many flights where I have lugged a huge, heavy carseat on board, I was delighted to find this service to use while flying alone with my kids. I knew I would not be able to manage kids, carry-ons, and a car seat by this was a game changer. The toddler was secure in the harness, and he could not wiggle out (as he would have with just the lap belt), and it was so convenient to bring only the little harness along. The grandma sitting behind me was so impressed that she copied down your web site to share with her family. THANK YOU for saving my back and my sanity!

Providence, RI

We used Rent CARES with our 2 year old twins on a recent flight to FL. I had originally rented 3 harnesses but realized my daughter was too tall for the harness before it was mailed to us. Customer Service with the company was AWESOME. Very responsive and timely. We were able to cancel the 3rd harness without a problem. The harnesses arrived in perfect condition and all went as planned. I'm so grateful to have had the peace of mind while traveling! Thank you, Rent CARES!


We used a CARES harness for our 3 year old to fly to Orlando, Florida. Our harness arrived in plenty of time before our trip. It was impressively clean, it looked just like new! The harness worked great. Will definitely use this website/service again if needed.

Dawn Duda
Howell, NJ

I discovered thanks to a post on a local mom's Facebook group. I had no idea something like this existed, and what a godsend! I was so worried about restraint for my 4-1/2 year old daughter on our trip from Iowa to California, knowing that a lapbelt isn't sufficient for a toddler, and she was over the weight limit for most carseats.

The CARES harness arrived right on time and was a breeze to use (my husband could do it, no problem, and that's saying a lot, LOL!). Returning it was equally easy with the ability to print and pay for a mailing label from my home computer. Super easy and I'll definitely be using again for future trips.

Lydia F.
Iowa City, IA customer reviews

We used the CARES harness on our trip from Green Bay WI to Vancouver BC with our 3 years old daughter. It was so easy to use, and the flight crews on all 4 of our flights were impressed. Thanks for such an awesome product. We will definitely use this service again!

Abby Malcolm
Green Bay, WI

Such an amazing company to work with! The product is great and made traveling with 3 toddlers so easy. Above all, they have great costumer service! I highly recommend renting from this company on your next trip!

Sara Simons
Nashville TN

I am very happy that I found this site. It was very easy to order and return, and easy to use as well. Much easier than lugging around a car seat, and much safer than just a lap belt. I would for sure recommend it to anyone traveling with small children that are too big for your lap.

Meredith H.
Rogers, AR

I have rented the CARES harness twice already and found the ordering process easy and efficient. I have always received the harness well before our scheduled flights and the one week return time seems to be enough to mail it back to the company.
The harness is easy to install and provides a safe and easy way to keep my little one belted in. We've experienced terrible turbulence on our last flight home and the belt gave me peace of mind that my little one would not slip out of her seat.
Most flight attendants are familiar with the harness and have commented that it is a great thing to use. I did have an issue with a passenger claiming the harness prevented her tray table from closing properly. The flight attendants intervened to make sure my daughter could still use the belt. We simply slipped the belt over the tray table when it came time for landing.
I highly recommend using this harness because it is easy to use and saves you from using a car seat in the cabin. Renting from Rent CARES couldn't be easier.

Betty Burciaga
Rockville, MD customer reviews

We were very happy with the ease of getting the harnesses and the return process. The service is great and the response to questions is extremely fast. I would recommend Rent CARES to anyone traveling with small children and we will definitely use this service again!

Marin Herndon
Apple Valley MN

I am extremely happy with the Rentcares service. We received the harness on time, and purchased the return label through the website making things very easy. We did not wind up using the harness as my daughter sat in her seat without it, so I can't comment on how it worked. However, the rental fee was worth the peace of mind, and I will use rent cares again for future trips.

Nicole DeNude
Nutley, NJ

The harness worked out well. First flight for my 3.5 year old daughter, and it was 4 hours long. As soon as she sat in her seat she asked to be buckled in and was comfortable the entire flight. I only wish it had a way to loop under the child's body to keep them from slipping down after lots of wiggle time, but all-in-all, it was very helpful & a great price.

Joey Kautzer-Parkin
Glendale, AZ

This worked perfect for us! So inexpensive and easy. The flight attendant told us she wished more parents would rent these to keep their kids safe. And when it's this simple, why wouldn't you?

K. Christel
Muskego, WI

The harness worked great. Received it in time and was very convenient instead of dragging a car seat around. Will definitely rent again. Thank you.

Schenectady, newyork

I was searching for the best way for our three year old grandson to safely fly to East Coast to visit extended family. In my search I discovered the RentCARES. It was so simple. The harness arrived week before our flight. It was convenient to place in a backpack and easy to adjust to airline seat. It was much easier to deal with than a car seat. Return instructions were clear. There is no question that if he should be flying with us in the future we would rent harness again. Thank you.

Cheryl Donkin
Buellton, CA customer reviews

I cannot say enough good things about these CARES harnesses! I was so nervous to be flying across the country by myself with my two young children. I physically could not lug 2 carseats and all of our bags through the airport and onto the airplane on my own. The CARES harnesses were sooo much simpler! Recieving and returning the harnesses was a piece of cake and they fit right in my purse! I love these and would recommend them to everyone!

Jessica West
Tucson, AZ customer reviews

I came across the CARES harness by chance while looking to purchase a portable DVD player on another site for my toddler. I saw the CARES harness and thought immediately about how convenient it would be to have one since I was flying to California to see my sister who already had a car seat for my daughter to use during the trip. I thought the price might be worth the convenience and decided to look up reviews when I found this rental website. Our harness came a few days before the trip. Very easy to install! VERY happy customers!

Avon Lake, Ohio customer reviews

We had to plan an international trip suddenly and planned not to bring a car seat as it was not required at our destination (besides, the driving speeds there are slow due to heavy traffic although we realized the potential risks even with slower speeds). I was about to purchase a CARES harness when I found So happy with the service, and our 3-year-old felt so proud buckling herself in. Thank you!!

Sbandi family
Anthem, AZ

I took my 3 year old on a trip and the Cares really helped keep him seated. It made him feel safe when we landed and made boarding the plane much easier then taking a car seat. Receiving the cares was easy and easy to install. I would rec amend this to anyone with small kids.


I was taking my 4 year old son on his first plane ride and began researching the best way to secure him in his plane seat. I didn't want to try to bring his big car seat on the plane, so I looked into harnesses. The CARES harness impressed me with the ease of installment, how compact it was for my carry-on bag I had to carry through the multi airports, and how secured my son was in his seat. He even liked buckling himself in! I LOVE that I was able to rent instead of purchase, it came to me a few days before our travel date, and it was very clean.
Thank you!

Nikki L
Ann Arbor, MI customer reviews

Want to know how to win over flight attendants while traveling with your special needs 2 year old? Show up with a Cares harness! We had all the flight attendants swooning over our daughter because we had the harness. She has low muscle tone and it worked really well for her! We would highly recommend renting a Cares harness from Rent Cares!

Julie Kauffman
Mountain Home, AR

I'm so happy I found Rent Cares! We just traveled to Australia with our two and four year old boys. Needless to say we won't be traveling again for a while and I really didn't want to spend $150 to purchase two Cares harnesses that we may never use again. Rent Cares was inexpensive and so easy. If we ever decide to take our crazy children on an airplane again, we'll definitely be using Rent Cares!

Chattanooga, TN

We rented our harness for our 2 year-old on a flight to Disney. The harness arrived early and was in perfect condition. I would highly recommend renting from Cherry and the crew at Rentcares.

East Lyme, CT

It's an understatement to say we were not excited to fly across the country with our 2 year old while my wife was in her third trimester. When we found out we could rent a CARES harness and not lug a huge carseat all over the airport, it was a huge relief!

Our little one loved it – she was completely comfortable between us for the entire flight, and when it was time to get off we just stuffed the harness in her diaper bag. The whole process couldn't have been easier!

Chicago, IL

Simple and easy! Arrived a few days early, easy to install and kept my littles secure and seated the entire flight! Happy mom, happy boys and happy co-passengers! ?

Dallas, TX

I wanted another way to keep my 2 year old little boy safe and secure as we traveled. When I came across this website, it made it so easy to order. We received it 2 days before our trip and it was so light and convenient to travel with.

I was able to install it quickly and easily and the Flight Attendant said that she loves them and recommends them to other passengers when they bring their car seats on the plane.

We would use this service again the next time we travel!

Denver, CO

I stumbled across this site looking for something I could use to better secure my 2yr on a plane ride. I read the testimonials, so I decided to give it a try. It beats paying $75 for one! I received the product in 2 days after I submitted my request. Once on the plane, I quickly put it over his seat and strapped him in. It worked perfectly! If you are wanting some extra protection for your toddler or small kids, this is definitely the way to go! It looked new, and it came with a carrying case. I didn't have any problems going thru check points or being on the plane. All in all, I will definitely being using them again for all of my flying needs until he is tall enough/old enough to sit in a seat without being tossed about. Thanks again! So glad I stumbled upon this!

L. Towers

We just returned home after our first vacation in SIX years! We had a fantastic time and our 4 yr old was safe and secure on all the flights with his Rentcares child restraint! I ordered it 10 days before our trip and it arrived in plenty of time. It was easy to carry, easy to install...and most of all, my hyperactive boy was safe and comfortable the whole time. This was a great solution to our short term needs...thank you!

Amber Meiki

We discovered barely 2 weeks before a planned trip to Disney that there was no way our car seat would fit for our small 3 year old. (Nor did I particularly want to crate it around an airport when we wouldn't need it the rest of the time). Purely by coincidence did I find someplace that rented the CARES Harness, saving me $$ since we don't fly often at all. The harness arrived with 4 days to spare and was super easy to install! My son loved it, other passengers loved that he wasn't all over the place or kicking their chairs!

Super easy company to deal with and a fabulous product, at a great price!


Wanted a little extra protection on the plane for my two little ones, ages 2 & 4, without having to carrying bulky seats with us that we wouldn't need other than the plane. I am so happy I found and I have already recommended your business to others. Thanks again.


Went for a week on vacation without my husband so was just me and 2 year old and this harness was easy to use and carry instead of a 50 lb carseat. Will most definitely rent again for our next trips.

Brandi Youngblood
South Carolina customer reviews

Having the CARES harness was such an amazing thing to have on my trip to Boise .. With a connection flight dragging around a car seat would have been horrendous. The flight attendants raved over it and even said how much they wished they would have had that for their kids. For my son it was great because he is BUSY and it made him feel as if he was in a car seat so he didn't attempt to wiggle around and get out of his seat. He was calm on every plane we had to take and the other passengers told me oh my gosh we didn't even know he was next to you. Thank you you guys really are doing an amazing thing!



Rent cares was great and we got the 2 harnesses on time and as promised. However, we were flying to jamaica on Caribbean airlines and they would both allow us to use the harnesses. They said they were not licensed and insured to allow us to use them. So fortunately we struggled to keep the kids in their seats and feel we wasted our money on the rental. I would suggest checking with your airline before renting.


Heather crosetto

Rentcares was great! We had our harness more than a week before we needed it. It was really easy to use and was great piece of mind on the plane. And they give you plenty of time to send it back upon your trips return. I would definitely recommend them and use them again in the future!


This was our second time using RentCares and we are just as happy as we were with the first time. We needed two harnesses and they came well before our trip. They are so easy to use and really give you a sense of security on a longer flight. Very lightweight and easy to carry. The service is outstanding! I would highly recommending using RentCares to anyone traveling with toddlers.

Wendy Mullan

The service this company provides is exceptional! The transaction couldn't have been any easier. I highly recommend this service to anyone traveling with toddlers. The harness was so easy to set up and take off. Thank you for making my trip all that much more enjoyable!

Adelina Alvarez

Renting this harness was an amazing experience for our three-year-old felt like he was in his car seat...our flight to Florida was effortless and a pleasant experience ...We would definitely use this service again it saved us money and provide piece of mind.

Thank you for such fast delivery and pleasant customer service... I will definitely recommend your harness for rent at

Brenda Gonzales
Merrick New York

If you need a CARES harness this is the place to rent it! I just took my twin 2 year old girls to Disney and not only did the CARES work great but the woman who runs this rental business was a huge help. She answered all my emails right away and I knew exactly when they were mailed to me and when to expect them to arrive. And as soon as my trip was over, she communicated via email about how to return it. Great price, great service, online business you can trust!


The harness arrived several days before our flight, which relieved worry. It was very clean and in excellent condition. Per the suggestion of reviews I read, I cut a small strip off an extra yoga mat to serve as a non-slip seat pad for my two year old. I struggled a little securing the harness on the outgoing flight, but a flight attendant helped me. My toddler was not completely happy in the harness, but that is because he is an active two year old who wanted to explore. As our car seat was way too big for the trip, I felt much more at peace having my son safely secured in more than a lap belt. I will definitely rent the harness again for future trips.


This was a great find! Harness arrived before our departure date as promised. It was in good condition and clean. My 3 y/o granddaughter was comfortable during the flight and the harness was simple to install. Easey peasy as they say!

It sure beats lugging a car seat through the terminal and on/off the plane. I will continue to rent this harness until the kids are old enough to use the seat belts.

Linda Massari

1st time flying with kids and wasn't sure what to expect with my 3 1/2 year old and a standard lap belt. I'm very glad I rented the harness as he did need one as he's a slim boy. (Even my 5 year old seem a little unsecured with a lap belt.) I wasn't able to find a local friend with a Cares Harness. So I did a quick google search and found this rental site instead of buying one that I'd most likely not use again since we don't fly much. Quick turnaround with my trip less than 10 days away and easy return via mail. Great business idea!


This went smoother than I could have imagined. It was our first time flying with our kids, and so we were a bit nervous. The harness arrived well in advance of our trip, in great shape. Easy to understand instructions, really simple to use. The whole process was wonderful. I'll recommend it to all other flying parents I know!

Bill S.
MO - Missouri

This is a fantastic service. What a relief to have it arrive and then not have to worry I need a car seat etc etc. No, you don't. Thank you!

Great service. We flew for the first time with our 2 year old. We don't fly often, so I was happy to learn I could rent the harness. He is a very active 2 year old, so we needed a harness to keep him in his seat and to keep him safe. He argued a bit, but once strapped in, he settle in and was happy. Again, great service, and I would recommend to anyone!


We've flown with our son twice now and have used a CARES harness before that we had borrowed from a family member. Since we couldn't borrow it a second time (since they were also traveling) and our son is near the weight limit, we decided to rent one. We received it quickly with several days to spare before our trip. It was clean, well packaged, and arrived with instructions for return. It did the job and I stopped in the post office this morning and stuck it back in the mail! Definitely saved us a lot of money with being able to rent as opposed to purchasing.

Illinois customer reviews

We booked an international flight this time but could not handle the thought of bringing along our 2 bulky car seats again so we started looking into the CARES harness. We were so glad to see this page and have the option of renting instead of buying them since we will likely not travel by air again in the next few years.

The harnesses arrived well before our departure date, they were clean, like-new condition and easy to store in our carryon packback.

Once on the plane, they were really easy to install and remove and the kids surprisingly didn't mind wearing them. They did still squirm from timr to time so a non-slip pad underneath would have helped buy not something I thought of until afterwards.

Overall great experience and I'd definitely use this service again if we end up traveling.

Thank you!

McElroy Family
North Carolina

We recently completed a trip to Europe, and chose not to take a bulky car seat as our family had one waiting for us. We debated about buying a Cares harness to provide a safer experience for our 2.5 year old daughter. However, not knowing how often we will be traveling by air before she reaches the weight limit, and after reading about other traveler's struggles with the harness itself or the airline crew refusing to let them use the harness, we were having a hard time justifying the cost of it if, in the end, we might not be able to use it. We were delighted when we came across this company's website and the service they provide.

I am very pleased to share the following experience:

1) The harness arrived early and in perfect condition. The cost is very reasonable, especially for the piece of mind it provided.

2) We had absolutely no trouble with any of the airline crew on the four separate flights we had to take. They never questioned it.

3) We had no trouble installing the harness. All of the traveler's behind us were completely helpful and understanding. After lowering their trays and positioning the belt, their trays snapped right back into place as they should, and were completely useable during the flight.

4) I do recommend bringing something non-slip for the child to sit on. They will start to slip down in the seat, and you will need to help them back into position regularly. However, a strip of non-slip shelving liner should do the trick. I just forgot to bring it.

Overall, a great product and a great service. I will definitely rent again!

California customer reviews

The harness arrived 5 days before my trip. I found an installation guide from Youtube and it was very easy. I asked gate staff if I can board earlier and all 4 staffs allowed us to do that. (I flied with American Airline for all 4 flights) It was very easy to install and took it off. My 20 months old didn't want to wear the harness the whole time. However she was okay to wear it when it was taking off and landing. (and when there were turbulences). Renting this device was the great idea for me than buying since I only travel once or twice a year with my kids. Highly recommended.


The harness arrived well before our trip, and in excellent condition. It was easy to use and our 4 year old daughter was happy and comfortable in it. So much easier than a car seat! I recommend boarding as early as you can, since you are going to have to open up the tray table belonging to the seat right behind where your child sits to install. Still, it only takes a minute to install and is completely unobtrusive once it's in. This is such a terrific service. I highly recommend RentCares!

Sean Sandefur

This service is outstanding! We flew with twins and did not want to purchase 2 CARES harnesses. The harnesses arrived well before our trip. Returning the harnesses was made simple because a return envelope was included.

I highly recommend this company!


The process was simple and quick. This service is such an affordable option and using the harnesses were just as easy. We are not frequent travelers so it didn't make sense for us to purchase. Thank you for offering your service!

I would recommend renting from Cherry. She had great customer service. I decided to rent them for my 2 year old and my 4 year old. I really wanted to keep my 2 year old son contained in his seat but didnt want to lug his carseat. This worked well! I will rent from here again and recommend to my friends!

Rhode Island customer reviews

We debated about how to handle air travel with our 4 and 5 year olds. My husband felt strongly about them being secured in more than just the airplane belt. I was worried about taking their bulky car seats and not giving them the chance to curl up in their seats or lay down. We decided it was crazy to buy CARES harnesses for them because we don't travel enough to make it worth the cost. I happened across this site and was thrilled with our experience. The harnesses we received were like new.the kids didn't object to them on the plane and were easily installed (I would recommend to people though to open up the tray table for the person behind you and then, install the strap. You can still close the tray table. The CARES harness wraps right over the tray table so the person behind the kid would not be able to get it open otherwise.) The return process was super simple and I really recommend this company and this product to parents who want to simplify air travel and reduce unnecessary costs.


Excellent customer service and very affordable. The harnesses were so helpful during our trip. Our kids were so comfortable and loved them. Will definitely use this service in the future and would recommend to anyone traveling with children. Thank you RentCares!

Drake & Valerie Wuertz

Excellent customer service. I was traveling last minute and they accommodated me without issue, I had the harness in my hands in 2 days.
Worked great for my 3 year old son, kept him in his seat comfortably and didn't have to worry about a bulky car seat. The people behind us were interested in it too and it was not all disruptive to them even with tv monitors.
Easy return policy too, overall will definitely use again if needed.


Used for a CARES harness for our almost 3 year old for travel to Sweden and Denmark. Our train travel in between (leaving from a different airport then we arrived) and lack of need for car transport while there made carseat hauling impractical. We've used a CARES harness previously with our older daughter and it was great to be able to rent one for this trip. Ordered early, it showed up with days to spare, and the process was as easy as could be. Flight attendants and other passengers were impressed, and our little one was very happy to have a harness on like in her carseat. She even slept a bit 😉 Pays to be aware that most kids tend to slide out the bottom, so a thin square of shelf liner or such to put under them will keep you from having to reposition constantly.

Jessica Schaefer

Excellent! The harness worked for my two year old! Even got compliments from passengers on the harness. The customer service was great. Everything arrived well before our trip and it's good that you get email reminders on receiving it and when to send it back. Thanks so much!


Fantastic service. Worked out perfectly for my 20-month grandson who was flying for the first time and was so much easier than carrying a bulky car seat. Cost was reasonable and delivery was very efficient. I highly recommend this service and would definitely use it again.


FANTASTIC!! Great customer service, timely delivery (with only a couple days before take off) and generous return policy. This made our trip with our 2 year old so much easier in the plane, she sat well and made her feel like she was a big girl riding in the car like everyone else.

I won't travel without this!!


Charles B

Fantastic. I received the harness in plenty of time for our trip. It was clean and came with clear instructions about how to return. Plus the time to return was very considerate. I will definitely rent again for next flight.

Barry Family

This was the best solution for our SUPER wiggly 21 month old. The harness was light weight, easy to install, and held her in place. She fell asleep right away because she was held still! I know my neighbors appreciated that!
Will continue to rent for all our flights until my toddler can sit still on her own.........


We rented two CARES harnesses for our twins to use on a transatlantic flight. The harnesses arrived well before our departure date, and they were in excellent condition, very clean. The instructions for returning them were very clear, and the time allowed for return was also very helpful. The CARES harnesses were very easy to install on the plane, and they fit the twins well. I would definitely use this company again.

Algarra Family

We recently used for a trip back to Michigan. We got our son who is 23 months old his own seat so the flight would be more comfortable for all of us. While looking around online to find out FAA requirements for the use of car seats on planes, I ran across the CARES harness system. While doing research on CARES harness system I ran across Looking at the price to buy the harness system versus renting it from, we decided to rent since we don’t fly to often. We are so glad we used the CARES harness system for the flights, it was easier to install and carry then a car seat. We were especially happy with the service we received from We received the system in the mail 2 days before our flight. The harness system was in the CARES bag and clean making it easy to store and carry. We had no problems using this on our flights. It’s easy to install and un-install. We will certainly use again in the future.


I'm so glad I found the CARES harness and even happier that I found RentCARES. We fly infrequently and have spare car seats on the other side, so lugging those just doesn't make sense. I also couldn't justify spending the money to buy our own harnesses when we don't fly very often. There's a good chance that the next time we flew anywhere, our oldest wouldn't even need it. Renting it is the perfect solution!

The harnesses arrived with plenty of time before our trip and looked almost new. The girls were very comfortable in them on the plane and the harnesses were easy to install. I will definitely be back the next time we fly.

Liz S

I took a huge leap flying 6 months pregnant and with my one year old without other adult help. I did a lot of research on the most efficient way to fly and I'm so glad we found RentCares! This harness was super easy to use and I got compliments from all of my neighbors on the plane and the flight attendants. It was easy to squeeze into my backpack pocket and didn't add the extra bulky weight of lugging a car seat around. We don't fly often, but when we do, we will RentCares!

Wendy S
South Carolina

I am so glad we rented the CARES harness for our recent trip. It was so much easier than installing the car seat on the airplane, and our daughter did great with it. Would definitely rent again! The harness came with plenty of time before our flight, and the videos of how to install make it super easy.


This is the third time I've rented from I'm so glad I found their website last year. I have the luxury of bringing my toddler to most of my short business trips (in and out) to NY that is why its imperative that I get there fast and a car seat will just slow me down! I've never had a bad experience renting from Cherry, she's answered all my questions the first time I rented. The seatbelt always arrived a few days before my flight, it is VERY clean, and the bag it came with smelled like it just came out of the laundry. She also gives this hand wipes for free. Instruction manual is not included but you just have to ask for it free of charge. Thank you Cherry!

Kayla R.
San Francisco, CA customer reviews

I can't say enough good things about the CARES Harness. We were traveling with my 21 month old on four flights for a total of about 8 hours and two rather short layovers. I knew that it would be difficult to carry a car seat, baby, stroller, and luggage through the airport. I searched for alternatives to the car seat and I found the CARES system. This was so much simpler! It comes in its own bag which we just put into our carry on bag. It was extremely easy to use and looked brand new. My son buckled into it with no problems. It kept him still and he was happy for most of the trip. It arrived a few days before our trip just as promised and was very simple to return. I would definitely recommend!

Jessica Tipton

We flew long haul (11 hours flight) with our 15 month old. He is full of energy and would never have sat still without this fantastic cares system. It fitted easily to the seat and was easy to travel with as it came in it's own handy bag.

Previously we have carried a car seat around the airport which has such hard work we vowed never to do it again. I'm so glad we were able to rent this system.

It arrived within plenty of time for our trip. It was in fantastic condition (it looked brand new) and returning was simple.

Throughly recommend. Will use again.

California customer reviews

I was very pleased that I had rented the Cares system, as I was stressed about having to fly with a 23 month old toddler. He was in his terrible 2 stage and has a lot of energy. The system helped him stay put for a flight that was just a little over 2 hours. Even when taking the flight back home he tried to buckled the strapped on him so this let me know that he (my toddler) knew that he needed to remain seated. Thank you for having the opportunity to rent Care harness system.


This harness was absolutely amazing. I searched various websites for alternatives to baby car seats and lucked up on this site. I used the device for my nearly 2 year old on her first airplane trip. The ease of use and transport was really great for the hectic pace at the airport and onboard. My daughter was comfortable and enjoyed her travels.

This service is highly recommended as the belt arrived in plenty of time and is very compact. I would definitely utilize this company again for future travel.

Toya G.
Detroit, Michigan

This harness is great! Especially if you have to switch planes, it is so nice to not have to lug a big car seat around while trying to run to catch a connecting flight. The harness came in plenty of time, was super easy to use, and stored really small to fit in my carry on. I used this for my 18 month old and my 3 year old. The harness was clean and had no stains or smells. Thank you!


I was considering a Cares harness for our son before a short trip to Vancouver BC and then I thought "I wonder if I could rent one?" ... a quick Google search and I found Service and communication very good and prompt. Item arrived a few days before we left and was given a reasonable time to keep it after getting home from the trip. Returning the unit is at your own expense (completely reasonable). The harness was clean and fully working. We may buy our own now but if we needed to rent again, I'd certainly get it here!!! Thank you.

Lanny Fowler

I was very pleased with this whole process and the product. The Cares harness arrived with several days to spare. We practiced with it at home but it was very, very simple to set up. We were able to set it up on the plane with no problems, except maybe a little bit of awkwardness telling the person behind us that we had to put the strap behind her lap tray. Once she realized the strap did not restrict her or her lap tray at all she was totally fine with it. The harness worked great for my 2.5 year old squirmy, super energetic and hard-headed daughter! She didn't complain once and comfortably watched videos, played games and read books the whole time. I think it felt secure and similar to her car seat which was comfortable and normal for her. She is tiny and needed a boost to reposition herself after falling down too low about 2 times both flights but it wasn't a problem at all. I was very happy we had the harness on the way home, as we had a lot of turbulence. Overall, I would definitely recommend the cares harness and to my friends and loved ones!

Pa customer reviews

I'm so glad I rented this instead of buying it for our trip. The harness worked like a dream for our almost 4 year old. He watched his DVDs, ate, and even took a nap with it on. It fit him perfectly. I received the harness in plenty of enough time for our trip too. I will definitely rent it again and reccomend it to anyone who is looking to not bring heir car seat for their next flight. Thanks Cherry!

Lynette P.
Virginia Beach, VA

We have twin 2 year old's and a 4 year old and didn't want to take our car seats on the plane. I was looking to purchase these myself but we don't fly very often so when I saw the website to rent I was thrilled. We only needed two and they worked great. We received them in plenty of time before our trip, they were like brand new, already assembled and very easy to use. I would definitely recommend using RentCARES again and will let all of my friends who travel with their kids know as well. I like that they also send a reminder email after your trip to remember to send them back. Overall a great experience and thanks for providing such a great service to all traveling parents!

Wendy Mullan
IL - Illinois

I don't know where I would be without our CARES Harness for our flight. My 2 year old son is so very active and would not sit still on a flight without it. But it worked great and he was so well behaved. It was great not having to bring our huge car seat on the plane. RENT CARESS was wonderful to work with. I received our harness a couple of days before we were scheduled to fly and at a great price too. Much better then purchasing one since my family doesn't fly often en0ough. I will definitely recommend this site to everyone


I recieved the CARES way before my trip. It didn't even look used it has been kept so clean!. My daughter loved it and it helped so much and allowed us to not bring a car seat on our trip. I will definitely use this service again! Thank you so much. Great service from a great company.


My grandson was just fine with the CARES. He's just a little peanut, 24 pounds and 33 inches tall at the age of 2. It was perfect. The ordering process was so easy. It arrived in plenty of time to actually practice with him, so he was used to it. The cost is so reasonable. I sure didn't want to buy one for $75. I would rent one again with no hesitation. Fabulous service, Cherry!!!

Jeri Hunt

Everything went smoothly with the rental of the belt. However, my 14 month old did not want to be restrained and started crying hysterically. So, we chose not to use it. I think she would be fine with it as she gets older, and I would recommend other people renting one vs buying one if you don't travel that often.

MN customer reviews

From beginning to end, this has been a wonderful process! We flew 6 hours with our 2 year old with a harness from The ease of ordering, Cherry's professional assistance, the simplicity of using the harness, everything was perfect. We were able to gate check our car seat, instead of lugging it on and installing it on a plane seat. But yet, we still had the peace of mind with the 5 point harness when we hit bumpy turbulence, which we did! I highly recommend this wensite to any parents flying with their little one. And you can't beat the price!


Thank you for your fast shipping and continuous professionalism throughout this process. I actually didn't even end up using the harness on my toddler becuz she wasn't having it but thank god the airline didn't seem to care. I did although have a peace of mind in knowing that it was on hand just in case so it was still worth it. Happy New Years.

Karen Forbes
Las Vegas , NV

We recommend RentCARES when flying with young kids. Harness arrives in plenty of time and is easy to use. Cherry is very helpful and professional. CARES offers peace of mind when the air gets a little choppy. We like knowing our toddler is secure with the shoulder straps. CARES allows children plenty of freedom to move, play, read or eat on the plane.

Jeff H

Another happy customer...Fast processing, easy communication with Cheryl, and most importantly the cares system arrived on time and was easy to use. I was happy/relieved to not have to lug the car seat through the terminal and/or worry about my two year old son kicking the seat in front of him. He was happy, safe and comfortable and there was a lot more room for everyone. Room to move, room to play, room to relax. Easy to set up and take down, I would easily recommend this system and this company to anyone. -Scott

Scott B

I would absolutely recommend renting from Cherry. It was the cheapest option and she is very reliable and responsive. She made things exceptionally easy and convenient for us, and I will absolutely be renting from her again.

L Zilberman

I would highly recommend using Cherry! I searched everywhere online and just couldn't see spending from 80 to 100 dollars to purchase a harness for one use! This is the way to go! the harness is delivered right to your door, you use it and then return it by mail. Simple and so much cheaper to do! Thanks Cherry, you all were the best!

Gail Hatfield

I found via google. reservation was easy and she responded right away with my questions. We got our cares early and it was clean and spotless. I highly recommend!

Ruth J.
San Diego, CA

Cherry went above and beyond to get me a CARES rental at the last minute before our trip. She answered questions and made sure my 4 year old was safe on our flight, and in the most convenient and manageable way for our family! We travel again in April to Disney and we will be back, hands down!

New Hampshire

When planning to travel recently with our three year old, we were dreading taking the carseat onboard, and having to apologize 150 times for him kicking the seat in front of him, and oh by the way please don't recline your seat onto my child's legs, not to mention lugging around a carseaat that weighs almost as much as our son. I was surprised to find out about the CARES system, and even more surprised to find Cherry's business.
After reading a few testimonials, (and still somewhat skeptical) I decided to take a chance.
It was one of the best experiences we've had! Not only was the product CLEAN ( passed the sniff test with flying collars) and nice, it arrived in plenty of time, and Cherry is just great, a real professional and nice. She sent emails as necessary to make sure we got what we needed when we needed it, and even sent a reminder when it was time to return the device. The device is waaaaaay better than the carseat option, easy to use and it worked as advertised. We even had the people sitting behind us offering to help install and adjust it as needed.
I highly recommend renting from Cherry, you won't be disappointed.

Tracy Jackson

I was looking for a way to keep my 20-month-old son safe and secure in an airplane seat without having to lug his massive carseat on our trip. I found Rent CARES and couldn't be happier with the service or the product. It arrived in plenty of time and looked brand new. The device was easy to install and helped us keep him seated for most of the flight. I don't anticipate flying regularly enough to purchase our own CARES so renting is the perfect solution for us. On our next trip we will certainly be utilizing Rent CARES once again.


I heard about CARES from a friend who had rented one for air travel with her son. I decided to rent one for our little guy. He's 3 but only weighs 29 lbs. It was so easy to reserve and Cherry's customer service was great! It doesn't take up much room in your bag. It was very easy to use. My son did not complain about it at all (that's a big deal!) and I had several people ask me about it and where I got it. I liked the idea of not having to lug around a bulky seat just for the airline.
I hope to use rentCARES again in the future-I just have to finish paying for this Disney trip first!


Having one CARES harness, we didn't want to buy a second one for my son who is nearing the height limit for this but flying without it wasn't an option. We also didn't want to lug a large car seat (or two) around the airports. Renting a CARES harness was the way to go! It was both economical and easy. Reasonable fee, reliably shipped just before our trip, and plenty of time to return the item. This really couldn't have been a better experience. Traveling with toddlers can be stressful enough and RentCARES gave us one less thing to worry about. Thank you!


Just want to say that renting these was a fantastic idea! I picked up mine near Cherry's place and gotta say she was nice and pretty! The seat belts looked brand new and smelled great. It comes with a free hand sanitizing cloth (not those teeny tiny wipes) too. She gave us 7 days to send the items back to her which I think is more than enough. My husband and I agreed we would rent from her again next year. Thanks Cherry!

Los Angeles, CA

Such a great idea to rent these out. We utilized 2 CARES harnesses on a trip from Florida to Hawaii. They were clean and in perfect condition and they worked great for the kids 2 & 4. Will definitely use this company again!


I am so glad I was able to rent the harness from RentCares. The harness is such a great idea, and it was so much easier than a car seat. I highly recommend renting the harness and checking it out before you purchase it.

Jessica Marks

Hi cherry! Thank you so much for quick service and clean harness. I didn't want to buy a new harness, so glad to find your website. I would definately come back when next time i need harness.


A fantastic idea for safe flying. Ordering was easy and everything arrived well ahead of our flight. I'd recommend to everybody.

Eric R.
IL - Illinois

Flew with my 2 1/2 year old for the first time. Didn't know what to expect so I decided to rent the harness. Cherry is very professional. We received the harness a few days before our flight. I was happy to have it as we did have some turbulence on the way home and if we had not had it my son would have been all over his seat. This kept him secure in his seat and me stress free!


We traveled with our 2 yr old twins from NYC to Colorado. I didn’t want to purchase the CARES harnesses b/c I wasn’t sure if we wld use them more than once until they grow into the regular seat belt. These were excellent. The kids stayed seated for a majority of the time, until they got tired and wanted to snuggle and was very professional. She sent us the harnesses a few days early and gave you a reasonable time to return them. I would definitely use them again and plan to inform our NYC Twin Blog about your company.


Sarah W
New York customer reviews

Cherry is awesome! I left my husband in charge of securing the harness. He did, but had it sent to our old address. Cherry overnighted another one to us for just a shipping charge ( she must understand dumb hubby's). I was so relieved knowing our granddaughter was safe and secure on the plane!! Thank you

Debbie Krcelic

I flew by myself with an infant and a 2 1/2 year old. I was so scared because the last time I flew with the 2 year old was not a good experience because she could get up. I found this and was in love. It made for a wonderful trip because she was buckled in. I also loved that she was safe. Thank you!


I will highly recommend renting from you. We are a military family and it was our time to move Florida to California. My daughter is 5 years old (38 lbs.) and autistic. Our last flight was a nightmare (she was 2)because she was used to wearing a harness from her car seat. It gave her security. I didn't know about the harness until I did some research a few months ago . With the harness on, she was amazing! She was a happy camper for the duration of the flight! Thanks again!

Emily S.

Cherry, we're so glad we found your website. Thank you for always responding so quickly and for sending the items sooner than we anticipated. My grandson was safe.


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