Dream Destination: Iceland


From time to time I will feature the places I want to go to. We will start with Iceland.

While my husband and kids’ ideal vacation involves warm weather and white sand beaches, my perfect vacation falls in the ‘a lot of walking’ and ‘fully-clothed’ variety. I love to go sightseeing, visit historical places, go to museums, and maybe do a bit of adventure, I also like SNOW! But for now I will happily tag along with my family because my kids are still young. Once they are old enough to learn about these places then I will take them there. London, my favorite city in the world, would probably be our first destination.

Music inspires me. When I heard about Svefn-g-Englar by Sigur Ros back in 2000 I was intrigued. The ambient sound and ethereal voice just amazed me. I have a nice foreign language playlist in my ipod but this one made me curious. The language was different, sort of sounded like its made-up! After some research, I found out that it’s from an Icelandic band known to use constructed language in their songs. I was hooked especially when I saw their videos, which features Iceland as their backdrop. The place is just gorgeous.

Now I don’t really have a plan to go there yet, but someday I want to. I want to do a family road trip on the Ring Road and see geysers, waterfalls and towering cliffs. Oh, hopefully see an Aurora Borealis, too.