Rental Agreement

Eligibility: Rental is available for Renters who reside in and will be returning to the United States and are at least 18 years of age or older.

Overview of the Prices and Penalty Fees:
1-15 days rental: $12.95 per CARES
Extra day(s): $0.45 per day, per CARES
Regular shipping for 1-3 CARES: $6.00 (Does not include return)
Express shipping for 1-3 CARES: $23.00 (Does not include return)
CA State tax: 9.0% on CA orders only
Late fee, per CARES: $7.00 per day (Maximum $49.00) (Non-negotiable, non-refundable)
Default fee, per CARES: $50.00 (Only refundable once the CARES harness is returned within five days of being charged the default fee)
Replacement fee, per CARES: $64.00*
Lost/damaged carry bag: $8.00
Lost/damaged chest clip: $64.00*
Lost/damaged slide clip: $18.87 (see sample)

*Replacement fees: $64 for CARES harness inventories purchased in 2017, $55 for 2016, and $49 for 2015/2014. 

Loss, Theft, Damages: Renter is fully responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of said property from all causes whatever and agrees to pay the owner the fair market value of the property in such event. In the event of damage and/or partial destruction from any cause whatever, renter agrees to pay to the owner a reasonable cost of repair to said property. The renter acknowledges that Rent CARES LLC is permitted to charge the account (PayPal, debit, or credit card) provided by the renter for any lost, damaged or non-returned equipment.

Instructions for using equipment: By renting the equipment you agree to familiarize yourself with how to use and/or properly install the equipment.  Manufacturer’s instruction manuals are provided (free upon request) with all rental equipment. You acknowledge that Rent CARES LLC is not responsible for your failure to abide by recommendations or instructions in said manuals.

Late and Default Fees: There is a non-refundable and non-negotiable late fee of $7.00 per CARES, per day, beginning on the eight day after your return date, up to a maximum of $49.00 (7 days at $7.00 per day).

Failure to return the CARES harness(es) by the 16th day after your return date will be treated as theft and breach of contract, resulting in an additional fee of $50.00 for each harness, and an offense/police report filed in Renter’s home state and in California. In situations of default, Rent CARES, LLC reserves the right to bring actions as permitted by applicable law, including seeking criminal prosecution, as well as filing civil suit seeking damages and reimbursement of any related legal costs.

Default fee is only refundable once the CARES harness is returned within five days of being charged the default fee.

For example: If your flight returns on January 1, we should physically receive the harness on or before January 8. Late charges accrue on January 9 and default fee accrues on January 17.

Cancelation: Rent CARES, LLC only accept cancelations up to 7 days before your departure date, as the CARES harness(es) you have reserved usually ship 7 business days before your departure date. In the event of a cancellation with a notice of less than 7 days, a refund will not be given. Late and default fees may apply.

Rent CARES, LLC reserves the right to refuse and cancel a reservation for whatever reason at any time. Possible reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to the following: Potentially fraudulent order, incorrect billing information, unprecedented late returns, and non-payment at the time of booking.

Waiver of liability: By accepting and using the equipment on behalf of yourself and all others that may use the equipment, you acknowledge the equipment is being used at your own risk.  You agree to relieve Rent CARES LLC of all liability for loss, damage or injury associated with the use of the rental equipment, from any cause whatsoever, including negligence.

Rent CARES LLC will not be responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of the rental equipment. By signing or accepting this agreement, you agree to accept full responsibility for using the rental equipment.

Indemnity: You agree to defend, fully indemnify and hold harmless Rent CARES LLC from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, causes of action and/or liability, of any kind whatsoever, for damages, losses, costs and/or expenses (including legal fees and disbursements) arising in connection with this Agreement, including without limitation: any and all breaches by you of any terms or conditions of this Agreement; damages to persons or property, personal injury or death caused by your negligent or willful acts or omissions arising in connection with this Agreement; and any claim by a third party against Rent CARES LLC.


Last updated: September 27, 2016. Please click here for the hard copy.

66 thoughts on “Rental Agreement

  1. I was trying to see if i can book to have for july 29-aug 15. It said use contact form. I don’t know where that is. I was trying to figure out the cost to have it for my flight july 29 and i fly home aug 15. thank you.

  2. How many CARES do you have in ‘inventory’? My wife and I have triplets and will be travelling next May and I will need three harness.

  3. Hi, my flight leaves July 25 and returns on July 28. Should my rental dates start the day before and end the day after? Or does that matter?

  4. Hello, I will be traveling from Oct 28- Nov 18, 2014. I would like to know if the deposit is refundable and I live in California I was wondering if you could give me the full amount I would pay with tax included. Thank you.

  5. hello i will be traveling from july 28- sept 3 i would like to know how much that would cost me. thank you

  6. Wondering if I could still get it in time for July 22 departure. Is there a shipping charge to return also?

  7. Also, please let me know the total cost for8 days including tax and shipping. I’m in California
    Thank you

  8. I am trying to reserve for 8/21 -9/7 and am having difficulty using the website. Is there another way for me to book this or am I unable to reserve a harness for this time period? Thank you for your help with this!

  9. So relieved to have found this website! I’m traveling on November 13th. Is it too soon to inquire about renting a CARES belt now?

  10. I have made a reservation for 2 CARES- res# MV1416157091
    I leave on 12/12 early am- when should i expect to be receiving?

    Thank you

  11. Wanting to travel for 2 weeks sometime in July. My daughter will be 4 and weighs 32 pds. Will she be a hundred percent safe with the harness. Plus when I get back all I do is send it back to u. Do I get charged the extra dates until u get it back. Please email me. Thank u

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      According to the company’s website, there is no minimum age limit for using CARES. It is designed for use only by children who weight 22-44 lbs and whose height is 40 inches or less and are capable of sitting upright alone. Nothing is 100% safe.

      The harness should be sent to us within 7 business days from the date of your return. I recommend you use USPS Priority Mail as it takes 2-3 days to get to me and is a lot cheaper.

      We charge a late fee of $11.95 per day, per CARES starting on the 8th day (max $83.65). It is considered “default/stolen” on the 16th day and this will incur more charges.

  12. Hi, we are traveling early sunday morning, 8/16. Is it too late to order these so they arrive saturday?

  13. I’m not understanding what “partially booked” means, so I’ll just ask; I need one by the 6th, & its a one-way flight, so I would be returning 2-3 days after our arrival. Is that possible?

    1. Hi Porsha, regular shipping takes 2-3 business days, this is not guaranteed. Express shipping takes 1-2 business days, guaranteed.

  14. Hi,
    I wanted to rent the cares harness for my 2 kids but I am tea selling for 2 months from USA to India .
    What will b the roundrtripcost of the same .
    Can I return it back from India if I consider renting one way .


  15. Hello, I live California n I am traveling out of the country OK in March 8 n returning 3/23 ,how much would it cost?

    1. $18.40 is the grand total.

      $11.95 for 1-15 days
      $0.45 for additional day
      $6.00 for shipping to you

      Please use the calendar to book.

  16. I read a response where you stated the harness is for use with children up to 40 pounds. My grandson now weighs 43, and we won’t be traveling until April. The airlines says a harness is needed for children up to 44 pounds. If yours only goes up to 40 pounds, and they require one for up to 44 pounds, are there other sizes or alternatives available for children over your 40 pound limit?

    1. Hi Dar,

      This was my response: According to the company’s website, there is no minimum age limit for using CARES. It is designed for use only by children who weight 22-44 lbs and whose height is 40 inches or less and are capable of sitting upright alone.

      Cares harness currently has 2 sizes, one is the one I carry and the other is for special needs.

  17. Hi, I placed an order earlier this evening however I don’t see a confirmation email. I’m just wondering if the payment went through. You can reach me via email. Thank you.


  18. Hi! What an awesome idea! We are flying to Europe. Can I rent CARES and go outside the United States?

  19. Hello, I’m going on a trip on June 17 until July 1st. I’m looking 2 get two Cares Harnesses and would like to know if the grand total includes the $6.00 shipping how much does it cost us when it’s time to ship back? Do we have to pack it in our own packing or is that provided by you?

  20. I reserved a cares harness for my 3 year old. We leave out on Monday May 30th.

    Can you e-mail me or let me know here if it was sent out yet?



    1. Hi Loretta, this went out on the 20th. You should have received an email with the tracking info. I will resend it right now.

  21. I am traveling June 17 – July 7. Is it too late to rent one? If not, how much for one harness? Thanks!

  22. Hello, I placed an order and I have not received the email confirmation. It is not in the spam or junk folder.

  23. How does shipping work? If I fly out on the 6th of Dec when would I receive the harness? When I get back I just ship it back to you? How does the cost work for that? My dates are Dec 6th to Dec 13th

  24. Hi,
    I’d like to rent a harness for Jan. 11th-21st, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to return it to you? Is the return shipping included in the price?

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