Cares Harness Rental for Children and for Flyers with Special Needs

Rent our CARES Harness for Children and for Flyers with Special Needs.

The first and only FAA-approved safety restraint system designed specifically for aviation use for children over one year old who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds while our CARES for Flyers with Special Needs is now approved for use by kids, teens and adults with special needs. Both are easy to install and weigh less than a pound!

CARES or Special CARES for a Special Needs Traveler?

Child Size CARES Special CARES Requires FAA Permit*
22-44 lbs; up to 40″ tall X    
Special needs flyers 41-56″ tall X   X
Special needs flyers over 5 ft. tall   X X

CARES and Special CARES are only certified for children up to 40 inches AND 44 pounds. If the user is taller than 40 inches and over 44 pounds, a special permit (EXEMPTION LETTER) must be obtained from the FAA. The user should carry this letter every time he flies. For more information, please click here.


1-21 days rental – $13.95 per CARES
Extra days (initial reservation only) – $0.25 per CARES
Extension request (after initial reservation) – $4 per week per CARES
Regular shipping for 1-3 CARES (one way) – $7.99, $8.99
Express shipping for 1-3 CARES (one way) – $24.00
Return shipping label for 1-3 CARES – $8.29, $9.57 (currently not available)
CA State tax – 9.5% on CA orders only

Penalty Fees:
Late and replacement fee – $7.00 per day, per CARES (Maximum $49.00)
Lost/damaged chest clip – see Replacement fee

Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Carol Giuliani -

I relocate seniors cross country and was told I needed a harness to secure a disabled woman in the airplane seat with poor trunk strength. I was glad to be able to rent rather than buy your product. My client was happy with the savings. Process was smooth and easy, product was fine. Thanks much!

Susan, NJ

This was the first time my daughter in law was flying with my granddaughter and the harness was great, thanks again for such a fantastic service.

Carolyn, WA

Using this service was the best decision we could have made. Flying with two young children is never easy but this made it a breeze on the plane. The kids are used to traveling in a car seat with a harness and with this harness it made plane travel just like any other travel for them. And, unless you travel often, buying one just does not make sense. We traveled for over 20 days and the rent on two was the equivalent ( if not less) than it would have been to purchase just one and only use a few times before they out grew it. It arrived in plenty of time for our trip, and with the included envelope it was very easy to return. I would HIGHLY recommend!!

Dave, Columbia, SC

Overall this is a good program. We had to travel for a family event and it was not worth buying a CARES Harness for a one-time usage. The unit arrived in plenty of time and was fairly easy to use. **No instructions for use were included in the package and no information about return shipping is provided. Plan on using Youtube to figure out how to use the harness. It is not hard, once you have see it done.** You have to ship the unit back yourself and you are expected to just figure that out on your own. Even with the extra expense of return shipping it is still worth it, However it would have been nice if they had explained the shipping, or anything really, when you order.

Hi Dave, I apologize for the lack of instruction manual. We have instructions on how to return the item back, but it looks like I forgot to include it in the package. Sorry again.


The C.A.R.E.S. system came in plenty of time for our first flight with my 3yo son. The system was easy to use. The only thing that we didn't really like was how close the hard clasps were to his head, especially when he fell asleep on the plane. But we used standard shoulder harness pads to cushion these. and it worked great.