CARES Harness Rental


Included with your rental: CARES harness, carry bag (color may vary), instruction card (free upon request)

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Rent our CARES Harness for Children and for Flyers with Special Needs.

The first and only FAA-approved safety restraint system designed specifically for aviation use for children over one year old who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds while our CARES for Flyers with Special Needs is now approved for use by kids, teens and adults with special needs. Both are easy to install and weigh less than a pound!

For special needs cares, please read for more information.

*Once the item has been delivered to you, its whereabouts is your responsibility.  Please use workplace address to be sure you receive the item.*

Prices & Penalties

1-21 days rental: $13.95 per CARES
Extra day(s): $0.25 per day, per CARES
Standard shipping (one way): from $6.95-$8.95
Express shipping for 1-3 CARES (one way): $25.00
CA State tax: 9.5% on CA orders only

Late fee, per CARES: $7.00 per day (Maximum $49.00) (Non-negotiable, non-refundable)
Default/Replacement fee, per CARES: $39.00 (Non-negotiable, non-refundable)
Default/Replacement fee, per CARES, brand new: $49.00 (Non-negotiable, non-refundable)
Lost/damaged carry bag: $1.00
Lost/damaged chest clip: Replacement fee, see above
Lost/damaged slide clip: $5.00 (see sample)


  1. How old are the CARES harnesses? – Most of our stocks are less than two years old from the date of purchase.
  2. Do I have to pad the dates to allow time for shipping? – No, please use actual travel dates.
  3. When do you ship orders? – We send out orders five to seven days before your trip.
  4. How long does shipping take? – 2-3 days for Standard shipping, 1-2 days for Express
  5. What is your Cancellation policy? – We only accept cancelations up to 9 days before your departure date. In the event of a cancellation with a notice of less than 9 days, a refund will not be given. Late and default fees may apply.
  6. What is your late return policy? – We are counting on our customers to return the harness(es) on time. If customers don’t, it can put significant inconvenience and stress to us and possibly future customers. If there is a chance you might be late, please contact us to request an extension. If we can’t allow an extension due to high volume, please return the harness(es) before its due date and pay the late fees if applicable.
  7. Is it guaranteed to arrive on time before my trip? – The standard 2-3 day service is the expected delivery time only and not guaranteed.
  8. How far in advance can I reserve the CARES harness? – We accept reservations up to 1 year in advance.
  9. I’m leaving in less than a week, can I still rent? – It depends, you need to allow at least 3-4 days for shipping, and you must choose “express shipping” instead of standard.
  10. What is your policy on lost carry bag and missing parts? – Lost or damaged carry bags carries a fee of $1.00, this need to be ordered separately from the manufacturer. Every part of the CARES harness is essential for it to function properly, if you lose or significantly damage any part, you will have to pay for its full replacement.
  11. My order was canceled due to potentially fraudulent order – If our payment processor flags your order, we will cancel it. Also, if we are unable to contact you to verify information (regarding any issues with your reservation), we will cancel the order. Please make sure you are available at the email address you’ve provided in the reservation form.
  12. Can I use FedEx or UPS? – Yes, but they do not ship to a USPS PO box and they do not offer free basic insurance. Please contact me for the physical address.
  13. What if the item is damaged at the time it was delivered? – If we ship the rental equipment to you and the package is delivered damaged, opened, or otherwise is suspicious looking manner, do not accept it and notify us immediately at [email protected] If you chose to accept it, save all packaging material for inspection by the carriers agents and notify us immediately.
  14. I put the wrong address! – Please note, We are unable to intercept and reroute a package once it has been dropped off at and accepted by USPS. Late charges/replacement fees will apply.
  15. Pick-up and drop-off within Los Angeles? – No.
  16. How long should I keep the return tracking number? – It is your decision, but in case of disputes, please keep the tracking information until the case is closed.
  17. Is the CARES harness sanitized? – Yes, it is sanitized. The carry bag is washed prior to rental.

Return Instructions

Please purchase your postage at and click on click-n-ship.

Our Return Address:

P.O. Box 862
Woodland Hills, CA 91365

For 1 CARES harness:

Please reuse original packaging or grab the “Priority Mail flat-rate envelope” at the post office. Envelope is free. Attach postage and drop off.

For 2-3 CARES harness:

Please reuse original packaging or the extra padded envelope included with your rental. Attach label. It is recommended that you add insurance valued at $100 for 2 CARES or $150 for 3 CARES to offset the charges that will become applicable should the package become lost or damaged.