Rent our CARES Harness for Children and for Flyers with Special Needs.

The first and only FAA-approved safety restraint system designed specifically for aviation use for children over one year old who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds while our CARES for Flyers with Special Needs is now approved for use by kids, teens and adults with special needs. Both are easy to install and weigh less than a pound!

CARES or Special CARES for a Special Needs Traveler?

Child Size CARES Special CARES Requires FAA Permit*
22-44 lbs; up to 40″ tall X    
Special needs flyers 41-56″ tall X   X
Special needs flyers over 5 ft. tall   X X

CARES and Special CARES are only certified for children up to 40 inches AND 44 pounds. If the user is taller than 40 inches and over 44 pounds, a special permit (EXEMPTION LETTER) must be obtained from the FAA. The user should carry this letter every time he flies. For more information, please click here.


1-14 days rental – $14.95 per CARES
Extra days (initial reservation only) – $0.25 per CARES
Extension request (after initial reservation) – $4 per week per CARES
Regular shipping for 1-3 CARES (one way) – $7.99+
Express shipping for 1-3 CARES (one way) – $25.00+
Return shipping label for 1-3 CARES – $8.25+
CA State tax – 9.5% on CA orders only

Penalty Fees:
Late and replacement fee – $5.50 per day, per CARES (Maximum $39.00)
Lost/damaged chest clip – see Replacement fee

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
John (California)

Fabulous service!

Alison McKee (Pennsylvania)
Great service!

Being able to rent the CARES harness gave me great peace of mind when flying with our toddler. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

A.S. (California)
Great service

We rented 1 CARES harness for our 20 month old daughter before our trip to India. The entire process of renting and returning was extremely smooth and was taken care of very well. The harness was extremely well maintained with respect to cleanliness and quality. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone who is traveling with their toddler.

☺️ Thank you :)

H.R. (California)
Super easy and convenient

We rented 2 harnesses for my 2 small children to use during 2 5 hour flights. The harnesses arrived clean and with the carrying bag for storage, as well as a return envelope and instructions. It was so easy and convenient. I HIGHLY recommend, and will use this service again on our next trip. Thank you, Rentcares!!!

Disappointed (Washington)
Wish I could leave 0 stars

Somehow the system changed my departure date to a week AFTER we leave, and the harness didn't ship until noon the day prior to our departure. I have been told they do not do overnight shipments, so I guess my toddler gets to have mom giving them a bear hug during most of the flight. Customer service was of (almost) no help. They offered to refund the cost of the rental, but not shipping. Beyond frustrating.