Important! Revised Rental Agreement

I finally revised our Rental Agreement (by myself!). As you can see it is essentially the same concerning fees and policies. I mainly removed policies that are kind of redundant. If you wish to view the old agreement, please click here for the hard copy.

The new agreement replaces the old. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Server Issues

We lost two days worth of emails, data and web content this week because of server issues. After data migration, our website was restored but from an old backup. We are trying to update everything but emails and web datas from the last week won’t be recoverable. I will email the customers who are affected to confirm the orders. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nepal Earthquake Relief and Recovery


Out of all the natural disasters Mother Nature has to offer I am more terrified of earthquakes. I’ve experienced it a lot of times, the biggest one in Manila, Philippines. Fortunately, I came out of it unscathed, but my fear of it heightened and immigrating to California where we have earth tremors consistently at least once a year did not help at all.

Since I’ve experienced it firsthand, I am more aware and familiar of its destruction. It is truly scary.

Over 5,000 people are dead and millions are homeless in Nepal right now and like you I would like to do something to help. I know I can’t volunteer and can’t donate physical items right now, so I am sending money. I’ve researched a few organizations that have 3-4 star ratings from Charity Navigator for your perusal:

AmeriCARES | CARE | Catholic Relief Services | Direct Relief | Global Giving | Save the Children | Seva Foundation | Paypal