Nepal Earthquake Relief and Recovery


Out of all the natural disasters Mother Nature has to offer I am more terrified of earthquakes. I’ve experienced it a lot of times, the biggest one in Manila, Philippines. Fortunately, I came out of it unscathed, but my fear of it heightened and immigrating to California where we have earth tremors consistently at least once a year did not help at all.

Since I’ve experienced it firsthand, I am more aware and familiar of its destruction. It is truly scary.

Over 5,000 people are dead and millions are homeless in Nepal right now and like you I would like to do something to help. I know I can’t volunteer and can’t donate physical items right now, so I am sending money. I’ve researched a few organizations that have 3-4 star ratings from Charity Navigator for your perusal:

AmeriCARES | CARE | Catholic Relief Services | Direct Relief | Global Giving | Save the Children | Seva Foundation | Paypal


To our customers from NY, NJ and Massachusetts who are scheduled to return the harnesses this week, please note that, due to blizzard Juno striking the Northeast, we will be accommodating your situation by allowing you an additional three days for your return. Stay safe out there!

Thank you, 2014!

I used to make websites a long time ago when basic HTML was king, but that did not fare well. I also used to make cakes and pastries for other people, but I had to leave the Philippines and start a brand new chapter in my life here in America. Point is, is officially my first business and I couldn’t be more thrilled. When my husband and I decided that I stay at home to raise the kids, I was beyond excited. Not only do I love being a homemaker, I also love not waking up early to go to work. Downside is I miss earning money. When I first thought about this rental business, I immediately bought the domain name and wrote the terms and conditions without any help from my husband (who is a lawyer). I began constructing the website a week later and just under two weeks, we went live. Two days later, I had my first customer. Her name’s Sarah and she made me very happy that day. The same name also happens to be the most popular name of my female customers. For men, yes, fathers and grandfathers have graced my reservation system too, it is Robert. I’ve chatted with a lot of mommies over the phone about our kids and I’ve met a few of them at a Starbucks as well. So far, out of hundreds of customers, no one has stolen my property. I have lost three CARES but it was immediately paid and/or replaced by my customers. What else? Oh, repeat customers! They make me want to do a happy dance.

I am very grateful to all of you who have supported my business especially when I found out I wasn’t the only one who does rentals (I literally thought I invented it HAHA), thank you for visiting my website and for staying and coming back. I truly appreciate it.

A very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015 to you all!