Rent Instead of Buy, Save Money and Avoid Clutter

CARES harness rental is not only convenient, but highly economical.

Since CARES is recommended for kids between 22 and 44 pounds (10 and 20 kilograms) in a forward-facing seat, the harness’ use is generally limited to children between one and four years old.  Unless you are a frequent traveler with children, you may not get enough trips in with your CARES harness to justify an outright purchase of the harness, when a rental costs just about 75% less than the full purchase price.  If you do travel frequently enough, the CARES harness can be purchased directly from KidsFlySafe or from resellers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby and others, while gently used CARES harnesses can also be purchased at a reduced price through us via eBay.

cares harness rental

If you do rent, once you are done with your trip, you simply return the CARES.  This not only avoids having to store it, but also the headache of having to find the CARES when you are preparing for your next trip.  All you have to do is go to and set up your next rental.  Cheaper than owning and no headaches, it is a win-win.

Is CARES Harness Necessary?

On most airlines, children can travel in their guardian’s or parent’s lap up to age 2.  This means that no separate seat is purchased for that child.  However, the caretaker has to meet an age requirement and can only take care of one child at a time.  Seats would have to be secured for any additional infants.  That second infant would then have to be secured in the seat. customer reviews
Photo by Jessica West, past customer

Most airlines do offer the choice of purchasing a seat for your infant as long as you have the proper child restraint device.  This could be either a car seat or a CARES harness.

When you already have your hands full with one in your lap, do you really want the hassle of dealing with a full car seat for your other child?  CARES harnesses fit neatly in a small bag, are light, and take a lot of the stress out of taking a trip, especially when dealing with multiple kids.

Peace of Mind When Traveling with Small Children

Whether you are traveling within the same state, from one coast to the other, or around the globe, having your little ones feeling safe will make the flight all the more tolerable.

Children, when faced with unfamiliar environments such as a plane’s interior compartment, seek familiar things to make them feel protected and maintain their calm. A car seat with the old trusty harness that gently coddles your child by the shoulders and around the waist is what they are used to on long rides, so why not give them the same on a plane. CARES to the rescue! customer reviews
Photo credit: Susan E. of Raleigh, North Carolina, a past customer

We all have had experiences where a 40-minute flight felt like it was taking forever. For parents of young kids, these situations most often arise when the kids are just not happy campers. Fidgety, loud, unruly, it all builds to a crescendo when your child just erupts into inconsolable crying. Your fellow passengers first glance, then shake their heads, and then worse. Give them something familiar, a harness like their car seat, with CARES.