Cares Harness Rental for Children and for Flyers with Special Needs

And…we’re back!

Hi guys! Things are almost back to normal. I’m seeing good momentum in the number of reservations I get which started back in December. My fingers are crossed! I sure miss being busy. A few changes to note: I recently updated our website which I’ve been procrastinating on since last […]

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What is a CARES harness? A child restraint system manufactured by AmSafe – the same people that manufacture the restraints for the pilots and passengers, just flip over your seatbelt buckle, it likely says AmSafe – that hooks around the back of a plane seat and loops into the lap […]

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How old are the CARES harnesses? Most of our stocks are less than two years old from the date of purchase. Do I have to pad the dates to allow time for shipping? No, please use actual travel dates. When do you ship orders? We send out orders five to […]

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