Happy July 4th!

image-1image-2Photo Jul 02, 6 16 01 PM
Photo Jul 03, 3 27 05 PM image Photo Jul 05, 5 08 42 PM

I’m so happy I’m in bed. I am so tired you’d think I ran a marathon. The holiday was a never-ending trip to a few different places. Staying the night at Palm Springs for the first time was an eye opener, literally 106 degree heat at 9pm! It was crazy. Then another under the sun related activity was planned, we picked strawberries, raspberries and a few veggies. Surprisingly, the kids had so much fun that alone would make a tired mama like me do it all over again. I had fun don’t get me wrong, I just wished it were a lot cooler.

Some photos: Me, carrying my two babies; my little girl and my fave polka dot dress of hers (she outgrew this already, I just can’t letttt gooo); the kiddos at the top of Palm Springs, we rode the tram (not doing it again!); picking raspberries; view from the top; rustic breads I made this week;