That Labor Day Weekend

I really thought August would be a slow, dull month in terms of booking, but I found myself going to the post office every other day. I love that I’m getting a lot of business but with two kids in tow, lunches and dinners to prepare and a bunch of errands to run, I wanted nothing to do with the post office. I was soooo looking forward to the 3-day weekend. All I wanted to do was doze off and barbecue. But then…

Early saturday morning hubby and I decided to plan something. We wanted to go to SF but because of the recent earthquake, we decided to go to Carmel and Monterey instead and called to make a hotel reservation at the Hyatt Highlands. BIG MISTAKE. Everything was going smoothly until after our lunch stop at Solvang. A few minutes after we left, my daughter started throwing up her lunch. We thought it was just motion sickness so we carried on. Once we’re at San Simeon, she threw up again. We were 10 minutes away from Hearst Castle so we decided to stop by and let the kids run around and get some fresh air. She ate, drank and was very happy. Two hours into our trip, somewhere in Big Sur, she threw up for the third time. Every parent would be alarmed the first time but since she was in a good mood, no fever, no signs of lethargy or anything, we thought it was just a good ol’ spit up. Anyway, the third one alarmed me because we had no cellphone signals (thanks t-mobile!) and we were stuck on a winding road a few miles away from the freeway or any city and hospitals and NO GOOGLE. Ugh. Fortunately, she fell asleep and by the time she threw up again, we were in a city (don’t know which one actually, but it was an hour away from SF!) and had phone signals. We called a nurse and told her everything that happened. She said it might be a bug and not to give her any food for an hour. Thats when we decided to just go back home because if she’s not fine the next day, we didn’t want the hassle of taking a child into a hospital 600 miles from home. So we drove into the night while the kids are asleep. My parents met us in Santa Barbara at 2 am to take my son for the weekend and so I could take care of her and let my husband rest. Thankfully, she was okay the next day in spite of the onset of diarrhea.

On a different note, my son just started preschool last week and I couldn’t be more excited for him. I was crying, he was crying, we were all crying. Long story short, he hated school. LOL.